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Hylia/Hylians Lonlon

Hylia are Hyrule's elf-like human race. They were the first race to establish organized civilization in ancient times and still remain the only race who prefer living in highly populated towns. Born with magic-infused blood, a gift from the gods, their magic gives them psychic powers and skill in wizardry. They are most commonly found living within the walls of any city or town, but some prefer to inhabit territory outside the protection of civilization.

Hylians have pointed ears (rumoured to allow them to hear messages from the gods), and have a varied range in size and height. They typically have european features, with dark hair and eyes.

Due to their flexible nature, they are quick to adapt to any situation, and fighting style. They are a race that houses any class available - warrior, wizard, bard, mage... the list goes on.

Racial Abilities:

Whisper: Gifts the bearer with an increased sense of hearing.

Racial Magic:

You may choose 2 spells from the following list to start off with. You may choose one more after every 5 levels achieved.

Din's Ember: A holy spell. It creates a small fire in the hand of the caster, which can then be thrown. Can only be used once a day.

Nayru's Affection: A holy spell. Re-enforces any shield and/or armour that the caster has for a period of up to an hour. Can only be used once a day.

Farore's Breeze: Allows the caster to glide for a period of up to and hour. Can only be used once a day. Non-aggressive - Can be used outside of Designated Duel areas.

Blade of Courage: Charges up a magical current in any bladed weapon for one strike only. Unlimited use - cool down period of one hour.

Arrow of Wisdom: Charges up a magical current of Light in any arrow. Can only be used once a day.


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