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 Deku Scrubs

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Deku Scrubs DekuRace

Short, plant-like creatures with leaves sprouting from their heads, the Deku are a race that once chose to serve Gannon back during his attempt at taking over Hyrule. When Gannon was locked away, they returned to their old ways, living in the Deku Palace and the Lost Woods residing inside Deku Flowers. They attack by shooting deku nuts from their mouths at opponents, and some can fly by using a Deku Flower and their larger leaves.

Common physical attributes include their glowing, red eyes, their short, hollow tubed shaped mouths, and their bodies consisting entirely of wood and leaves.
Deku Scrubs: most common Dekus with green leaves, often give information when caught. Won't attack unless provoked.
Mad Scrubs: violent with red and yellow leaves, do not talk. Will attack without being provoked.
Business Scrubs: traders who offer to sell their wares and services, usually when forced into doing so. Rounder bodies, longer legs, green leaves, and have the ability of flight with their larger leaves and a Deku Flower.
Royal Scrubs: larger heads, bigger eyes, smaller mouths (and a few have arms and legs), larger spaced leaves as well as extra leaves covering their bodies.

Racial Abilities:

Glide: Allows the bearer to float any where from 2 inches to 5 feet off the ground.

Racial Magic:

Each of these magic's are provided upon character creation.

Flight: Allows the caster to jump up to 20 feet in the air and glide back down to earth safely. Unlimited use (Deku's only). Non-aggressive - Can be used outside of Designated Duel areas.

Seed Snout: Allows the caster to shoot Deku-Nut's from their snout. Unlimited use - DEKU'S ONLY.

Farore's Spiral: Allows the caster to spin in a clockwise circle, adding force to a melee attack.


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Deku Scrubs
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