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 Goron Tribe

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PostSubject: Goron Tribe   Goron Tribe Icon_minitimeTue Mar 24, 2009 1:37 pm

Goron Tribe Darunia

Mountain-dwelling rock-eaters, the Gorons are a strong and peaceful tribe who show high regards for individuals who show great strength. Their culture revolves around brotherhood and strength, and they often refer to many other friends outside of their tribe as "Brother". Gorons tribes have are ruled over by a chief (who is sometimes aided by one or more Goron Elders. They take over when the chief cannot). Their culture enjoys music and dance, rolling/racing, games, sumo wrestling and bathing in hot springs. Common occupations for Gorons are crafting, blacksmithing, sculpting, demolition, and merchantry, and usually set up shops in more populated areas such as Kakariko Village and Hyrule Castle Town.

Human-like with generally beige skin, Gorons have long arms, short legs, hulking shoulders, and virtually unnoticeable necks. The have round, purple eyes as well as pronounced, plump bellies. They do not have ears, but instead holes at the sides of their heads, similar to reptiles. Their size is variable; most are roughly the average size of humans, a few will sometimes grow to excessively large sizes. When finally reaching adulthood, they gain rock-like protrusions on their backs as well as in places where human hair would be on their faces and arms. (However, some Elders have been seen with long hair on their faces and heads instead).

Last but not least, Gorons maintain a diet of rocks and iron. They also eat rock sirloin, amber and metal shields as delicacies, and young Gorons are known to like wood hearts.

Racial Abilities:

Strong Man:
Gives the bearer triple normal strength.

Chameleon: Allows the bearer to blend into their surroundings (Only usable in areas of dense rock).

Basic Tumble: The bearer can roll instead of walk to destinations, allowing for a faster arrival.

Racial Magic:

You may choose 2 spells from the following list to start off with. You may choose one more after every 5 levels achieved.

Stop Lung: Allows the caster to stop breathing in large bodies of water for extended amounts of time. Unlimited use. Non-aggressive - Can be used outside Designated Duel areas.

Rock Slide: Causes a seismic wave, spreading out for a 30 foot radius around the caster. - Can only be used once every two days.

Tumble Stone: Allows the caster to roll forward at high speed, causing large amounts of damage upon impact. - Limit to twice every day.

Gem: Allows the caster to locate precious rocks in the surrounding area. Can only be used once a week. Non-aggressive - Can be used outside Designated Duel areas.

Rough Hide: Allows the caster to withstand high amounts of heat. Unlimited use. Non-aggressive - Can be used outside Designated Duel areas.
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Goron Tribe
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