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 Malon's Bike Barn

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Location : Lon Lon Ranch
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PostSubject: Malon''s Bike Barn   Malon's Bike Barn Icon_minitimeWed Apr 22, 2009 11:38 pm

Malon's Bike Barn BikePrices2
Welcome to Malon's Bike Barn!
Also run by yours truly!

Here we carry all of your basic Travelling needs!
Next to your own two perfectly good feet, of course!

Do not worry!
I have not given up on raising horses!
There are plenty roaming around on my ranch, eating all my grass!
Just, in a world where technology is flourishing, Malon is ready for change!

If I am not around, don't fret!
I am probably off in the barn preparing more milk or gathering eggs.
Or I'm in the house making new potions, bread, and/or cheese.
Just ring the desk bell, and I'll come a'running!
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Malon's Bike Barn
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