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 Fairy Race

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Fairy Race Legend_of_Zelda_Fairies_by_Badwicca

Charitable and kind-hearted, Fairies are a magical race that lend aid to those in need. These Fairies often appear small and human-like, while usually surrounded by a ball of light. Sometimes depending on the emotions of the Fairy, the ball of light around them may change colour, and in rare occations some Fairies have no ball of light around them at all.

There are four different kinds of fairies, all specializing in different areas of aid. These five fairy races are: Guardian Fairies (Blue), Healing Fairies (Pink), [NPC]Stray Fairies (Grey), [NPC]Messenger Fairies (Green) and Great Fairies (Goldish). Fairies typically reside in such places as a Fairy Fountain or a Fairy Spring, but they can be found in many other places as well. If you are to bottle a Healing Fairy, and get killed later on while the bottled Fairy is on you, you will fortunate enough to be resurrected.

Racial Abilities:

Flight: Allows the bearer to fly great distances for long periods of time.

Hover: Allows the bearer to hover in mid-air.

Nayru's Wisdom: GUARDIAN FAIRIES ONLY. Gives the bearer important knowledge to transfer to their care.

Farore's Health: HEALING FAIRIES ONLY. Allows the bearer to heal the injured.

Din's Aggravation: "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey!" ... Need I say more? - Unlimited Use.

Racial Magic:

Each of these magic's are provided upon character creation.

Blind: The bearer flies into the enemy's face, temporarily blinding them with their ball of light, giving them time to escape. - Unlimited Use.

Stun: Allows the bearer to spend a spark of magic at the opponent, temporarily rendering them immobile. - Limit once per hour.



Guardian Fairies are fluent in whichever language their care speaks.
Great Fairies are fluent in every language.
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Fairy Race
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