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 Rito Tribe

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PostSubject: Rito Tribe   Rito Tribe Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 2:28 am

Rito Tribe Rito-quill

Ruled by a tribal elder high up on Dragoon Roost Island dwell the Rito, a human-like bird race. Adept-fliers that are capable of great speeds, they prove rather efficient as mail carriers for Hyrule (as they are the only ones who can pass over the seas without using a Cumbersome ship), and as short-distance transportation for Humans (once fully grown).

Ritos are not born with wings, but rather received them as a coming-of-age ceramony. Young Rito have to venture forth to the great dragon Valoo and attain a scale. With this scale, it enables Rito to grow their wigs, as well as allowing them to be accepted among their tribe as an adult. Their wings appear as long, flowing sleeves, allowing the Rito usage of their hands while their wings are not being used. They are rumoured to be distant-relatives of the Zola/Zora Race.

Racial Abilities:

Flight: Allows the bearer to fly over large areas of water and land (once wings are received).

Acceleration: Gives the bearer a boost of speed while in mid-flight.

Transport: Allows the bearer to transport others short distances.


Song-like version of Hylian with certain notes being held longer than others.
Song-like version of Hyrulian with certain notes being held longer than others.
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Rito Tribe
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