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 Zoras and Zolas

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PostSubject: Zoras and Zolas   Zoras and Zolas Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 3:26 am

Zoras and Zolas Zora

Aquatic creatures, the Zora look like the outcome of someone tossing a human and a fish (and possibly a bird - Look at that nose!) into the gene pool. Zoras rely heavily on water, and are often spotted gracefully treading water, or happily diving into it. Most prefer to remain clothes-less, except for a select few who choose to wear clothing. Distinguishing physical traits of the Zora are their silver scales, dark blue spots on their extremities, their rear-hanging caudal extensions of their head (they look like a dolphin's tail), their two large ulnar fins on their forearms (some also have smaller fins on their ankles), and their pronounced noses.

Their fins can grow larger or smaller, serve as sharp-edged weapons similar to swords, projected as boomerangs, or act as a shield. Some Zora's have magical abilities to create electric fields around themselves as extra protection. All Zoras are exceptionally strong swimmers.

"Zolas", also known as "River Zoras" are female, fire-breathing Zora's who have chosen evil and violence over loyalty to Hyrule. Because of this, they are the Zora's enemies.

When it comes to fighting Zora are notorious hand to hand fighters, very rarely picking up an external weapon, unless they are trained guard (then they are rarely seen without the traditional head armour and spear). This makes them particularly weak against armed attacks, especially long ranged - for instance; bow and arrow. However, each Zora/Zola is born with a small amount of natural magic - mainly water based, though other types can be taught.

Due to the nature of their being, Zora's can survive out of large bodies of water for prolonged periods of time, but need to keep their skin moist by being doused in water at least once every three days. If this does not happen, the Zora will get extremely dehydrated, possibly leading to death.

Racial Abilities:

Zora Scale: Allows holder to breath under water for extended periods of time

Steel Fin: Fin extensions can be used as weapons and/or shields, in relations, and comparative to, swords.

Water Dash: In water, momentum can be built in order to cross obstacles and provide extra power for an attack. Effectiveness caries depending upon the build of the Zora.

Racial Magic:

You may choose 2 spells from the following list to start off with. You may choose one more after every 5 levels achieved.

Whirlpool: Creates strong currents of water, sweeping enemies away a short distance. Can only be used under water. Can only be used twice a day.

Ice shard: Creates several ice 'daggers' that can be thrown at enemies in a wide spread attack. Can only be used once a day.

Freeze: Turns the surrounding floor (10 foot radius) to ice, removing traction. Can only be used twice a day.

Entrapment (Blizzard): Freezes an opponents feet to the ground. With every three levels the character grows, one more opponent can be frozen. Can only be used once a day.

Water Bomb: Forms a small orb of water that can be thrown at, or materialized over, an opponent. Non aggressive attack - can be used outside of Designated Duel areas. Unlimited use.

Sirens Call: Draws in any aquatic life within a 30 foot radius. Non aggressive attack - Can be used outside of Designated Duel areas. Most commonly used for fishing. Unlimited use.

Dragons Breath: ZOLA ONLY. A fire based attack that shoots a stream of fire from the wielder's mouth. Can only be used twice a day.


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Zoras and Zolas
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