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 Twili Race (Limited Spaces)

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PostSubject: Twili Race (Limited Spaces)   Twili Race (Limited Spaces) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 6:36 pm

Twili Race (Limited Spaces) Zant1gn2Twili Race (Limited Spaces) Midna

Banished by the Golden Goddess to a limbo known as the Twilight Realm, the Twili are descendants of a tribe of sorcerers called the Dark Interlopers. The sorcerers had once attempted to seize control of the Sacred Realm after the creation of the Triforce, which in turn got them banished.

Twili have since evolved into whom they are now; an unique, black and white, gentle-looking race. They have a stretched appearance, with long limbs, heads, and necks, and they tend to vary between overall height and weight. Usually they have bright, unusual eyes and hair - making for a rather striking appearance. The possession of fangs has also been noted.

Racial Abilities:

Glide: Allows the bearer to float any where from 2 inches to 5 feet off the ground.

Sly: Allows the bearer to influence, to a slight degree the views and feelings of others.

Racial Magic:

The player is allowed to choose 1 spell from the following list, and 3 from the 'Sorcerer Class' list. You may choose one more after every 5 levels achieved.

Invisible: When looked at, the caster shall not be noticed. Note: This spell does not work on Dark Element creatures. Unlimited use. Non-Aggressive - can be used out side of Designated Duel areas.

Illusion: Causes every one in a 20 foot radius (including the caster) to see an illusion of the casters choosing. Can only be used 3 times a day.

Ghost: Allows the caster to see any spirits in the immediate area. Unlimited use. Non-Aggressive - Can be used outside Designated Duel areas.

Telekinesis: Allows the caster to move large objects with their mind. Can only be used once a day. Non-aggressive - can be used outside Designated Duel areas.

Dark Bolt: Creates an orb of Dark Matter that can be thrown by the caster. Can only be used four times a day.


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Twili Race (Limited Spaces)
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