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 Kokiri Race

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PostSubject: Kokiri Race   Kokiri Race Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 1:41 am

Kokiri Race Kokiri-dab89

Created by the Great Deku Tree, Kokiri are a human-like fairy race who inhabit the Kokiri Forrst. They are a secretive, vigilant race that greatly resemble Hylian children, save that Kokiri never grow old. Every Kokiri has their own Guardian Fairy, and as such these fairies will act as a parent, a guardian, a teacher, and a friend. Indications that you are dealing with a Kokiri fairy and not a Hylian child are their pointy ears and green tunics. All Kokiri wear green tunics; men wearing green hats and women wearing green headbands.

Racial Abilities:

Farming: A natural ability at farming and caring for plant life.

Climb: Gives the bearer a boost of speed while climbing trees, or taking shelter.

Racial Magic:

Each of these magic's are provided upon character creation.

Farore's Life: Gives the bearer a temporary ability to help all plants within a five yard range to grow. Non-aggressive. - Cool down 10 minutes.

Magic Bag: When in need, turn to your magic bag for aid.


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Kokiri Race
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