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 Sheikah Tribe (Limited Spaces)

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PostSubject: Sheikah Tribe (Limited Spaces)   Sheikah Tribe (Limited Spaces) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 6:04 pm

Sheikah Tribe (Limited Spaces) Sheikah

The Sheikah, often referred to as "shadows" of the Hylians, were an ancient clan of ninja-like worriers sworn to protect the Hylian Royal Family. There isn't much known about the Sheikah Tribe, but they have been described as having magical abilities (similar to Hylians) and being exceptionally agile. One defining physical trait for the Sheikah is their red eyes.

A Crying Eye is the symbol of the Sheikah Tribe. Once the symbol only consisted of a normal looking eye. The tear drop wasn't added until later when a betrayal to their tribe (it has been suggested that it was the Royal Family who somehow betrayed the Sheikah) occured, representing the saddness and sorrow of their tribe.

The Sheikah are practised warriors in most forms of combat, ranging from simple non-armed to full out magical attacks. Most choose to specialize in an adapted set of skills, after having gone through rigorous training. These skill sets usually include concealment and shadow magics.

Unlike Hylians, Sheikah tend to have slightly tan skin and startlingly light hair, ranging from golden blond to pure white. They som ein many statures and builds, but one thing bonds them together - their red eyes.

Since the Imprisoning wars, Sheikah are a race rarely seen, and most definitely never heard. Most believe the tribe to be extinct for this reason - However, whispers of Sheikan ghosts plague the stories of Old Kakariko.

Racial Abilities:

Eye of Truth: Allows the bearer to see through any magical illusion.

Limber: makes the bearer extremely flexible, allowing for great proficiency in acrobatic attacks.

Racial Magic:

You may choose 2 spells from the following list to start off with. You may choose one more after every 5 levels achieved.

Invisible: When looked at, the caster shall not be noticed. Note: This spell does not work on Dark Element creatures. Unlimited use. Non-Agressive - can be used out side of Designated Duel areas.

Teleportation: With the use of a Deku-Nut, the caster can instantly teleport to any place within the area they are in (For example; if in Kakariko City, the caster can choose any area in that location to transport to). The distance, however, is dependant on the characters physical well being (Strength, weariness, etc) at the time of casting. Unlimited use. (1hr Cool-Down Time)

Shade: Covers the immediate area in thick blanket of shadow, obscuring all sight for a total of ten seconds. Can only be used once a day.

Shadow Blade: Covers any bladed weapon with an inhibiting poison for three strikes. Once the opponent is infected with the poison, they are stunned for ten minutes. Can only be used once a day.

Blood Fire: Creates a small ball of dark fire that can be thrown by the caster. Can only be used three times a day.

Quicksilver: Increases the characters speed by ten for thirty minutes. Non-aggressive - can be used outside of Designated Duel areas. Can only be used once a day.

Nightmare: Creates an illusion upon a place OR object. Blood must be used to complete the spell. Can only be used once a week.

Nayru's Blessing: A healing spell that allows the caster to eliminate that injuries of them selves OR one team mate. Can only be used once a week.


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Sheikah Tribe (Limited Spaces)
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